Perched villages by bike
Perched villages by bike

Perched villages by bike

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Destination by bike, the Luberon! A combination of long-distance cycling routes near Calavon and small winding roads between perched villages.

« The villages, nestled in the hollow of our beautiful Luberon or perched like lighthouses, will require you to watch or look up to fully experience this unforgettable beauty. They will welcome you for a restful daybreakon their shaded squares near their fountains. Follow our small picturesque and serene roads by bike, let yourself be charmed: a true pleasure». Sylvie Palpant, Managing Director of Vélo Loisir Provence.



Opposite the old railway station (now a cultural centre), go to the left, take a right and then a left to reach the actual starting point of the long-distance cycling route at the end of the Tourail avenue. Take the EV8 to the centre of Beaumettes and reach the underpass on the right.

1 - Leave the long-distance cycling route and go onto the D29 across. Cross the Calavon, go straight at the 1st and 2nd junctions towards Ménerbes. 100m further, turn left on the Heyrauds path. At the next crossroads, plunge to the right on the Roumiguier path and then go up to the left. Opposite a large stone house, turn left, then 75m further, turn right on the Grande Bastide path. Come out on the D103, take it on the right for 300m then 2 lefts, go under the cemetery, through two hairpin bends and up to the end of the long ramp. Enter straight into the streets of Ménerbes.

2 - At the stop sign, turn right and then left onto the Marcelin Poncet avenue.  Follow the marked route"Autour du Luberon à vélo'' and glide to the D3. Go down to the right then take a lower turn to the left on the D188 towards Oppède. After 1.7km, exit the D188 and go straight. Go down to the right, pass the covered wash house, then continue. At the next junction, take the rise across then switch to the right, then after a banked turn, come out on the D178. Climb to the left and reach the centre of Oppède-le-Vieux.

3 - Pass the village square and down the road from the car park below (caution, one way road except for bikes).!). Turn left at the Soulevan hamlet. Take the paved path of La Blaque. Continue to the right on the Vertu path, then do not miss the Ara path to the left which comes out on the corner of the cemetery of Maubec.

4 - Turn left and after the church, climb the slope of the old village. At the top, turn left. Turn and go down to the right. Continue straight on 1km / less than a mile then turn left on the Peirou path. Come out on the Marronniers path after the cemetery of Robion.

5 - Take a sharp left, go up the path and continue left on the Luberon avenue. Pass in front of the sylvan theatre and take a turn until the church square. Turn to the left, pass the town hall and down the Oscar Roulet street. Continue straight until the traffic light. Cross the D2 and continue across. At the roundabout, turn right at "Avenue de la Gare". Shortly after crossing the Carpentras canal, enter right onto the long-distance cycling route.

6 - Take the EV8 to Coustellet and thus return to the starting point.

Departure : Cultural centre of the railway station, Coustellet
Arrival : Coustellet
Towns crossed : Maubec, Oppède, Ménerbes, Beaumettes, Robion

Altimetric profile


This route follows streets opened to public traffic; under all circumstances,so it is therefore essential to respect the highway code. Wearing a helmet is highly recommended, for children as well as adults.!

Access and parking

At 9.5km east of Cavaillon, through the D2.

Parking :

Car park in the centre of Coustellet

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