The Véris trail
The Véris trail

The Véris trail

A lookout, a viewpoint
Waters and rivers
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The Véris trail could be called the trail of the senses, both your eyes and your sense of smell will be put to the test.

On this trail, you will discover a rich and varied vegetation, the smells of aromatic plants, the taste of wild garlic, the texture of the trees, without forgetting the view of the blue waters of the lake, the villages of Aiguines, of Sainte Croix and of Salles-sur-Verdon...and don't they say that blue is the colour closely related to dreams, wisdom and serenity.

4 points of interest

  • Flora

    Where do I zone?

    Between the shoreline and the Alps, it is called altitudinal zonation and the elevation levels may be Mediterranean, montane or alpine depending on altitude. At a smaller scale, the path of Veris illustrates the role of environmental conditions. The climb, arid and sunny, is Mediterranean, quite fragrant. The summit is much more like a hill. The shaded rocky ridges and low walls have a different type of vegetation. The wayside is decorated with fraxinellas (also known as Gas-plant). This beautiful species, rare and protected. For your viewing pleasure only!

  • Panorama

    The summit of Veris

    Arriving at the summit a view of the lake sets before you.

  • Fauna

    Basking in the sun

    Along the trail it is not rare to come across the beautiful western green lizard. According to popular beliefs, the western green lizard is vicious and aggressive, not letting go of the bitten finger. It is true that the western green lizard can bite, but only in self defence if captured. It bites hard enough but is not poisonous and always ends up letting go. This is an animal protected by French law (decree of 19/11/2007) and it is therefore prohibited to kill, maim or capture it.

  • Water and rivers

    The spring under the lake...

    The waters of the Verdon flows into the Sainte-Croix lake, but also a spring located below the village of Bauduen, now engulfed. Strange destiny for a spring! Fed by groundwater from the Plan of Canjuers and massive limestone gorges, the Sorps spring was at all times an object of admiration; its exceptional speed making it one of the most abundant springs of France. Now hidden, the Sorps spring takes part in the presence of a great lake.


From the car park on the left, at the entrance of the village, cross the main street and reach the wash-house through the street across from the car park. Climb right after the wash-house, switch to the bottom of the rocks and follow the road of St-Sauveur (GR®99 ; white and red marking). At the next intersection, go straight onto the Défens track, closed by a gate. Go up on the right bank of the Gorges de Caletty valley by the paved trail and then dirt road.

1 - At 1km / less than a mile, at the end of the rise, exit the GR®99 and turn left onto the path of Véris (blue marking). Stroll through the route under the oaks and along rock removal areas (piled up rocks). Leave a path coming from the right and reach an intersection at 1km / less than a mile.

2 - Take a right. (Do not take the left path which is crossed off by a blue cross). Follow the marked path and climb to a meadow, go along through the left and continue through the woods. Reach a small clearing and regain the limestone plateau through a path (passages on limestone pavements). Leave a path starting on the right and continue straight (blue markings, signVéris) then reach a crossroads at a cedar plantation.

3 - Take the path going down to the right, among the oaks, pines and brooms and reach a passage between the rocks (remarkable). Go down the path along the walls and continue under the shade of the oaks. Reach a concrete path at the foot of the hill then reach the road. At the end, pass over the public gardens of Bauduen then go down to the rive through the road. Go into the village through the left (GR®99 ; white and red marking).

  • Departure : Car park, Bauduen
  • Arrival : Car park, Bauduen
  • Towns crossed : Bauduen


Altimetric profile


Hiking shoes, 2L of water per person, a hat, avoid leaving late in the summer because of hot weather.

Information desks

House of the Verdon Regional Nature Park

Domaine de Valx, 04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (0)4 92 74 68 00

House of the Verdon Regional Nature Park

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Access and parking

From Aups, take the D957 then at 7km take the D49 towards Bauduen

Parking :

A l'entrée du village.

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