From Séouve to Sainte-Magdeleine
From Séouve to Sainte-Magdeleine

From Séouve to Sainte-Magdeleine

A lookout, a viewpoint
Heritage and history
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A Esparron de Verdon, between the lake and hills, discover the history of the village, its castle and the local flora.

Tour the trails of Esparron du Verdon is touring a landscape in a green setting with a lake view in emerald green waters.

6 points of interest

  • Patrimony and history

    Once upon a time, Vière...

    Located below the castle of Esparron-de-Verdon, the Vière area, historic heart of the village, did not resist the rural exodus and was abandoned by its inhabitants. It is now in ruins, nature has reasserted itself. After rehabilitation, the site is revived and is now accessible, secured and landscaped. This is an area for strolls, between vegetation and ruins, their stones being a remembrance, which offers magnificent views of the village and the lake.

  • Patrimony and history

    The Baron's dungeon

    The memory of Boniface VI of Castellane, a fierce baron and impetuous troubadour who lived in the 13th century, still hangs over Esparron-de-Verdon, and more particularly in the renowned dungeon of his castle. Because this mighty building with its massive battlements reflects the ardour of Boniface, who challenged the new Count of Provence, Charles of Anjou, whom he called scornfully "franciot" (little Frenchman).

  • Patrimony and history

    Esparron, the small medieval lock

    It was easy to cross Verdon to Esparron, the waters were calmer at the mouth of the lower gorges. A bridge, nowadays submerged by the waters of the lake, was built there in 1725. The village had therefore define an important route between Var and Haute-Provence. Its function itself is specified in its name. The medieval "Espar" is a lock. And what is this town locking? The great path, which of course, it is carefully monitoring at this period.

  • Panorama

    The Viewpoint Indicator Map

    The viewpoint indicator map located 498m high provides views of the lake and the port of the town of Esparron du Verdon. In the distance, we can see the massif of Luberon and the Lure mountain

  • Flora

    The Phoenician Juniper or Mourven Provencal

    It is the second Mediterranean juniper that immediately differs from its cousin, the Cade, by its innumerable ramules covered with tiny tortoiseshell leaves. Its range is also less extensive. Very xerophile, he likes the poorest scrubland, cracks of rocks and even limestone cliffs where his red brick balls defy the most insane sunshine and aridity almost absolute.

  • Patrimony and history

    The Séouve

    The Séuve (or Séouve, depending on spellings) occupies a large area east of the village. The word refers to the forest in the Middle Ages. It comes from the Latin term "silva" giving Sylvie, Sylvain, Sylvestre and sylviculture (forestry). This forest which stretches between Quinson and Esparron is therefore at least a millennium old. This forest heritage was partly destroyed in 2005 following a fire. 20 years after, nature has reasserted itself and an abundant growth of trees made this beautiful landscape green again.


From the car park of the tourist office, get on the D82 road and turn right towards the castle and its fountain. Reach on 100m the intersection to the right between the roads of the Tuilière and Quinson.

1- Take the right route (Lake Road and Tuilière Road). After 50m on the path of Tuilière, turn left by the discovery trail. The entire climb, on a trail, is common with this special course. Pass in front of the viewpoint of the Tuilière. Cross a small valley and reach, to the top, a crossroads of tracks at a place known as Séouve.

2 - Exit the discovery trail and turn left leaving the track towards Sainte-Magdeleine. Cross the plateau on about 800m. After coming out of the forest, along the fields, go past a small stone cottage and reach the intersection with the Quinson path.

3 - Take a sharp left and go down the path through the hill. Once on the road, follow it to the left for 150m and take the path starting on the right. Go down for another 400m and reach the intersection with the access track to Bastide Neuve. Continue across on the main track and reach the road at 200m.

4 - Turn left and go through it to the village. At about 700m, go past the Sainte-Magdeleine chapel. Continue to the intersection with the Quinson road. Follow the signs towards Esparron to reach the castle and the route taken to go.

  • Departure : Car park of the Tourist Office
  • Arrival : Car park of the Tourist Office
  • Towns crossed : Esparron-de-Verdon


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We recommend at least 2L of water per person, a hat and proper walking shoes. Avoid trail during hot weather. Find out before, the forests are sometimes closed in the summer due to fire risk. The town of Esparron de Verdon had two major fires in 2003 and 2005, BE CAREFUL! FIRE CAN START VERY QUICKLY. (As a reminder, smoking in forests is prohibited).

Information desks

House of the Verdon Regional Nature Park

Domaine de Valx, 04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (0)4 92 74 68 00

House of the Verdon Regional Nature Park

Find out more

OT Esparron-de-Verdon

7 place de l'hôtel de ville, 04800 Esparron-de-verdon (0)4 92 78 01 08

Access and parking

From Greoux les Bains, take the D952 towards Riez then after 1.5km, turn right on the D315 then the D82 towards Esparron de Verdon.

Parking :

Car park of the Tourist Office

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