The Cabre and The Pécoule
The Cabre and The Pécoule

The Cabre and The Pécoule

A lookout, a viewpoint
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A little haven of peace, where nature lovers will be able to enjoy singing live birds in this preserved environment !

"The Pécoule hill is detached from the Alpilles massif like a tiny islet in the middle of the great Durance lowland. Between the discreet undulations of its relief carved small rocky bars, it houses small greenery rich in biodiversity that make up, with the edge of agricultural parcels, the main frame of this walk. " Virginie Brunet-Carbonero, Responsible for the management and enhancement of natural areas and their human activities in the Alpilles RNP

5 points of interest

  • Fauna

    The European bee-eater

    The European bee-eater is characterized by the many colours of which it is adorned : yellow and black head, brown back, belly from blue-green to turquoise-blue, green tail and red iris. Often perched on the top of a dead tree, he can be confused with a swallow from a distance because it flies in the same way, especially to hunt, then he alternates flapping wings and direct flight.

  • Fauna

    European Roller

    The European Roller (Coracias garrulus) is a bird with bright turquoise colours. He is used to roosting on open ground and rushing to catch insects on land or even flying, but he is clumsy on the ground. These are the pirouettes of his nuptial flight that earned him his name. On this occasion, its plumage appears in all its splendor. As early as August, he migrates to southern Africa. His route would go through the Mediterranean and the Sahara.

  • Fauna


    The Hoopoe is a medium sized bird, with an erectile crest (ridge) that can be fanned out. This one earned him his name. He also has a tapered beak that is used to extract larvae and insects from the soil. She installs its nest in the holes of trees or buildings and likes groves, meadows and semi-wooded areas to hunt. In September, she migrates to tropical Africa to spend the winter.

  • Panorama

    View on the Petit Luberon

    A few kilometers away, the Petit Luberon is the closest relief to the Alpilles. It forms an anticlinal fold (arch-shaped fold) orientated east-west, between the plain of Cavaillon and the combe of Lourmarin. Its northern flank dominates the valley of Coulon-Calavon, and its southern flank, the Durance valley. The mountain range of the Luberon is limestone, low and extends from east to west between the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Vaucluse.

  • Savoir-faire

    Vine fan

    The vine fans are an innovation that plays a dual role. The first and best known, aims to fight against freezing buds. For this, the fan will delaminate the air so that the cold air at the foot of the vines is replaced by softer air of 1 to 3 ° C. The second is used to fight against the heat wave in summer, the excessive heat directly impacting the production and quality of the grapes.


From the car park, take the path between two metal poles. After the grove of pines, continue straight through the crossroads of tracks.

1- Follow the path on the right and join the intersection between the D71 (Alleins road) and the Chemin des Marmets. Take a left on this paved road and continue for 1 km to the houses.

2- Take the path on the left that passes between different buildings.. Once in the massif, stay on this track, leaving on the side all alternative paths. To arrive at the water tower, with its point of view on the Opies and the lowland of Roquemartine.

3- Turn around. 300 m further, stay to the right, then just after follow the path on the left. Continue for 700 m then at the crossroads after the house turn right and join the departure car park.

  • Departure : Health course parking, Sénas
  • Arrival : Sénas
  • Towns crossed : Sénas


Altimetric profile


For your safety, and for the preservation of forest areas, access to natural areas is regulated from June to September. Inquire during the summer period on 08 11 20 13 13 (price of a local call) or on Download the application for free MYPROVENCE ENVIE DE BALADE (available on Appstore and Android Market).

Information desks

House of the Alpilles Regional Nature Park

2, boulevard Marceau, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (0)4 90 90 44 00

Located in the heart of the city centre of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, the House of the Alpilles Nature Park welcomes you to its completely renovated premises. This new vibrant place is multifunctional: it accommodates the Park's engineering team but also has a public reception space and showrooms. A true resource centre of the Park's heritage, it aims to support and promote locals, visitors and tourists on all 16 municipalities of the Park.

Open Monday to Friday, from 9 am at 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

Free admission.

Find out more

OT Sénas

Médiathèque P. Beynet, Cours Jean Jaurès, 13560 Sénas (0)7 78 41 27 57


Look for transit times on the site in the town of Sénas.

Access and parking

From Sénas, take the D71 at the Grande Bastide roundabout.

Parking :

Parking du Parcours de Santé, Sénas


OT Sénas

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