Circuit du Tracastel
Circuit du Tracastel

Circuit du Tracastel

Heritage and history
Waters and rivers
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Very varied course, open to all, located in the heart of the national forest that covers the Tracastel mountain.
"A beautiful circuit that starts with a winding trail above Saint-Auban. The height quickly gained on the first part of the hike opens on breathtaking panoramas on the clue of Saint-Auban, the crests of the Alps and the contours of the Verdon Regional Natural Park. A unique discovery of the evolution of landscapes shaped by water and time. " Sophie Lagarde - Préalpes d'Azur RNP

5 points of interest

  • Patrimony and history

    St Auban church

    This square bell tower church has a flamboyant gothic style portal. It was restored in its time by the association Montagn'Arts. You can particularly admire Cross path, the work of Jean Brandy, a painter who lived part of his life in Saint-Auban. "Only a major cause (death) will prevent me from painting."
  • Patrimony and history

    St Auban village

    During the first ascent and leaning against the Tracastel bar, you will see the roofs of this particular village. In the Middle Ages, it is said that Saint-Auban is called "Puget de Mallemort". It seems that at the time, people sentenced to death were pushed from these cliffs...
  • Patrimony and history

    The Tracastel door

    The Tracastel door and the remains of a tower are what remains of ancient fortifications protecting a castle now disappeared. Clinging to a rocky bar, overlooking the village, it is the ultimate testimony of the medieval past of Saint-Auban. It was restored in 2007.
  • Geology

    La Clue

    It is one of the most visited sites of the Préalpes d'Azur Regional Natural Park. It is an exceptional geological formation, with striking views of the Esteron. The place has an ear, referring to a large balsam on the Esteron. It served as a habitat, and excavations revealed fragments of ceramics from the late Bronze Age.
  • Water and rivers

    Esteron and Cayon

    This clue represents a cut between two mountains, it is the paradise of the canyonists who rub shoulders with these limestone cliffs and cold water pots of the Esteron. During refreshing "supervised" descents, the practitioners combine the fun and the pleasure of discovery.


From the church square of Saint-Auban, join the beacon 1 in the heart of the village.
1- Continue on the left, continue climbing stairs, rue Tracastel. Take the path (PR) which climbs in laces. Continue 200 m after climbing the break to the next intersection (beacon 2)
2- Turn off on your left as indicated to continue on the Tracastel circuit until a crossroads 1.5 km further..
3- Take the path below and continue 2.7 km slightly downhill to find the Departmental Road numbered 2211.
4- Engage on the road and continue along the clue of Saint-Auban until finding the beacon 6.
5- Approach the path on the right that goes back to the heart of the village.
  • Departure : St Auban village
  • Arrival : St Auban village
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Auban


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Access and parking

60 km north of Grasse towards Castellane, by the Napoléon road. Arrived at the Logis du Pins take towards the Saint-Auban village on the RD2211.

Parking :

Parking de Saint-Auban


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