Roman Columns
Roman Columns

Roman Columns

Heritage and history
Waters and rivers
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The short walk of the "Roman columns" will lead you to the columns, isolated in the middle of their meadow.
This short stroll allows you to relax with your family (accessible to strollers) around the Roman columns and the fitness trail nearby.

5 points of interest

  • Water and rivers

    Let's give life back to the Colostre!

    The Colostre is a biological reservoir of great importance for lower Verdon and Durance. But it lost its beauty during the twentieth century, from a bed in braids to a more straight and steep path. If the number of fish species has decreased, the river and its valley still shelter some emblematic species such as the Beaver or the Small Horseshoe bat. A restoration project is under way to restore its good functioning and all its vitality.

  • Water and rivers

    The Colostre, a life potential

    It takes its source on the slopes of Mount denier and cross the plateau of Valensole to throw itself at the foot of the Greoux dam. The Colostre is a biological reservoir of great importance for Lower Verdon and Durance, allowing aquatic species to reproduce and grow there. The river is home to some iconic species such as the White-footed Crayfish or the Beaver. It could still accommodate many others, such as Chabot or Otter.

  • Water and rivers

    The Blanchon fountain

    The Blanchon fountain (under the Colostre bridge) may date from half of the 18th century. We know that it was repaired in 1826. It is fed by a spring whose water arrives so far through a small underground canal that crosses the cellars of some houses. This system, sometimes poorly maintained in the past by the owners of the houses in question, sometimes diverted for their benefit, could lead to a bad flow at the fountain.

  • Patrimony and history

    The Lapidary Museum

    The Lapidary Museum of Riez was created in 1929 by Marcel Joannon, better known under the name of Marcel Provence. Installed from its origins in the Paleochristian Baptistery (5th century), it includes a set of lapidary furniture mainly from the Gallo-Roman period (stelae, altars ...).
  • Patrimony and history

    A Temple for a God

    In the 1st century BC, the Romans settled their city near the river at the foot of the hill. Excavations have shown that the city at that time occupied the entire width of the Colostre valley. "Julia Augusta Reiorum Appolinaris" is then an important road junction linking Aix and Digne, Fréjus and Castellane. The four columns that can still be admired date from that period, isolated in the meadow, vestiges of a temple of which we do not know the god to which it was dedicated.


From the car park turn left.

1- Cross the bridge then follow the path along the Colostre on the left bank (GR®4 towards Greoux les Bains).

2- At 200 m, take the bridge to reach the other bank and the 4 Roman columns. Possibility to continue the walk along the Colostre, flat and shaded path, by going up to the health course for about 200 m. The return is made by the same itinerary.

  • Departure : From the car park of the Pré de foire
  • Arrival : Pré de foire car park
  • Towns crossed : Riez


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Limitons les déplacements en voiture, pensons aux transports en commun ! - Prenez la ligne régionale BV1 entre Castellane et Riez du 9 avril au 16 octobre. Depuis Castellane, départ à 7h15, retour 16h15 et 19h10. - Prenez la ligne TransAgglo - DLVA 132 entre Gréoux les Bains et Riez du lundi au samedi, depuis Gréoux les Bains départ à 8h27, 8h47, retour à 17h50.

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