The Poiraque source
The Poiraque source

The Poiraque source

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This hike allows you to cross the village of Quinson and to discover, on the plateau, the Poiraque source.

On the way, take the time to discover the various hydraulic installations of the sector (fountains, washhouse, Vaudoudurde source ...). To the north of the commune the water there is rare, only the Poiraque source is worthy of this name. It also has the advantage of sprouting about in the center of this scattered habitat. On the plateau the olive trees, vineyards and lavender fields line the course, it's a real "homecoming".

7 points of interest

  • Patrimony and history

    The Prehistory Museum

    In the heart of the Verdon Regional Nature Park, in Quinson, the Prehistory Museum of the Gorges du Verdon traces the exceptional adventure of Man in Provence since 1 million years. The museographic circuit presents the result of archaeological excavations in the Verdon since more than 50 years: a journey in time accessible to all thanks to a circuit alternating scenes of the daily life of Prehistory, interactive animations and original archaeological objects.

  • Water and rivers

    The fountain for toddlers

    Seven of Quinson's eight fountains date from 1877. At that time, the waters of the Verdon were captured and channeled at Quinson to supply the region of Aix-en-Provence. The village was compensated and obtained a direct water supply. Two fountains have their overlaid basins that spread the water emphasize its abundance and indicate a certain ease. The sculptures use symbolic elements: toddlers evoking purity and youth, turtles symbol of eternity ...

  • Produits du terroir

    The cellar is rebuffing

    The " Coopérative Vinicole des Coteaux de Pierrevert " remains the only wine cooperative in the Alpes de Haute Provence, after a merger in 1992 with the cooperatives of Villeneuve and Quinson and 98 with the Cooperative Manosque. The shop of the cooperative of Quinson informs and raises the awareness of the visitors by highlighting the "parc" vintage with free tastings as well as visits. " To consume with moderation ".

  • Produits du terroir

    In Vino Veritas

    In 2005, Quinson winemakers chose to strive for a quality label, a good track for local economic development. It is in 2013 that the harvest as well as the wine making is certified AB. The winemakers then wish to couple this commitment on the practices by a strong territorial recognition. The product brand of the Verdon Regional Natural Park is awarded in 2015 for the AB wines of the Quintius and Azur (red and rosé) ranges "To consume with moderation".

  • Savoir-faire

    Beautiful and organic

    Winegrowers who work on the recovery of soil without pesticides and insecticides and the plant in their natural environment, maintain the landscape elements in the vineyard management: conservation of hedgerows, alignment, wells, shacks or isolated trees "Maintaining responsible local agriculture means maintaining our landscapes and protecting biodiversity. With over the years an evolution of plant life and an increase of insects on our Bio plots"

  • Patrimony and history

    The Poiraque washouse

    We have built at the source this covered washouse with two basins, finally a basin receives the overflow water washers, they will be used for watering gardens. The water points, essential for the life of the plateau, also constituted a privileged place of village sociability. We met each other, we exchanged news as the thousand and one services that made the daily routine, and what a good pretext to go and get water for young people who wanted to meet!

  • Water and rivers

    The pouso-raco

    This type of fountain in noria, equipped with a system of chain and piston, was called the pouso-raco in Provençal, that is to say "the puise-spit", literally from where its name, slightly altered , from Poiraque. Its development had to be an event of major importance for all the farms in the sector, because the water points, essential for the life of the plateau, also constituted a privileged place of village sociability.


Departure: Prehistory Museum car park. Follow the white and red markings of the GR®4.

From the car park, follow the pedestrian path to reach the Prehistory museum. Enter the village of Quinson by the Esparron de Verdon road.

1- Go past the town hall, the wash house and, through the rue du Var, reach the Place de la Paix. At the foot of the ramparts, go up the right street (Cours). Follow him to the end.

2- At the fountain, leave the road to Esparron de Verdon and continue to the right in the "Grande Rue". At 90 m, after the fountain turn left, the street "Puits de Ville".

3- Climb the small steps to the side of the cellar on your left, cross the main road and go straight, follow the path of Maudevencet (white and red mark-up) about 300 m.

4- Turn left and continue along the Maudevencet valley to the main road.

5- Cross it and take in front the trail going towards Poiraque. Climb under the oaks and win the path of the Vaudoudurde valley. Follow the route at the bottom of the valley for 500 m then continue, at the first intersection, by a path and turn left. At the edge of the road the source, Vaudoudurde (20 m to the left of the trail), just in front of a large ruin. Higher up on the path go under the pines, go along some olive trees, before joining the plateau.

6- Get the road to cross it and to take the track in front (leave the GR and follow the yellow markings PR), walk the lavandins fields on the right then 400 m further, to join again some vines plants on the left and quickly you will get to a small wooded area. Stay at the edge of the forest. After a hundred meters, the path goes down to the fields continue to the forest on the left.

7- Then turn right and join the Poiraque source located just below.

8- The return is made by the same itinerary.

  • Departure : Prehistory car park
  • Arrival : Prehistory car park
  • Towns crossed : Quinson


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Avoid the hot summers, leave early. Provide: 2L of water per person, a hat and walking shoes.

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