Bois de Jalavez on mountain bike
Bois de Jalavez on mountain bike

Bois de Jalavez on mountain bike

A lookout, a viewpoint
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Let's wander in the forest...

A family trail on a forest track. A steady rise in a coniferous forest, fresh and airy overlook the village and offers a beautiful view of the waterfall of Pisse. The descent is without difficulty, it follows a riverside in a more open terrain.

5 points of interest

  • Flora

    Lichens' growth

    The lichen is composed of two types of bodies (a fungus and an alga) that each play a role. The fungus provides support, protection, minerals and moisture reserves. The algae, through photosynthesis, supplies in organic nutrients. This way, the lichen thrives by drawing minerals trapped in rainwater or by directly dissolving the substrate on which it is located. Its growth is very slow, it grows a few millimetres per year and therefore most of the specimens which care visible to the naked eye are centuries old!
  • Panorama


    The village of Ceillac, its cultivated lands and mowing meadows. At the back, the view opens up on the Massifs des Ecrins and particularly on the Têtes de Vautisse mountain.
  • Flora

    The development of fungi

    Neither animal nor vegetable, fungi belong to a separate biological kingdom. To reproduce, the fruiting body (visible part consisting of a saucer-like outgrowth with a foot, commonly known as mushroom) disseminates spores. The spores will germinate and form a microscopic filament, the mycelium. The meeting of the two mycelia will cause melting and the appearance of a mycelium said to be secondary. This will drastically multiply and under a certain humidity, temperature and substrate, a hyphae will form which will create a new fruiting body, which in turn will produce spores.
  • Panorama

    Cascade de la Pisse

    Measuring 280m high, the Cascade de la Pisse is the largest waterfall of Queyras. If in summer its wet air cools the atmosphere, in winter, also known as"the shapes of chaos", it is the joy of climbers who come to indulge in ice climbing and confront the many forms and types of ice offered by the site.
  • Fauna

    Volucella pellucens

    This hoverfly of the Syrphidae family measures between 15 and 16mm. It lives in woodlands and near the edges of ponds. The hormones it produces deceive wasps and allow the female to lay eggs inside wasp nests. When the eggs hatch, the larva develops as an ectoparasite of the wasp larva. It then feeds on the dead wasps that have fallen into the bottom of the nest. After a period of hibernation, the larva completes its metamorphosis and flies off in search of food and a sexual partner.


From the parking lot, go back to the village, leave 2 bridges on the left before crossing the 3rd.
1 - Turn right and go up the road along the Cristillan stream. Cross the first bridge and quickly reach the second one, the Villard bridge (1 770m).
2 - Do not cross it but take the forest road to the right just before. Follow the track a bit steep at first and then a rising false flat, before continuing on level and then downhill.
3 - Join the Charanchettes Point (1 885m) and turn right towards the Cime du Mélezet, a short single track that reaches to a road. Turn right on the road and immediately left at the end of the hamlet. Reach the stream of Mélezet, cross it and turn right. Reach the GR5 after the waterfall of Pisse. Follow it to Ceillac.

  • Departure : Ceillac
  • Arrival : Ceillac
  • Towns crossed : Ceillac


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Information desks

House of the Queyras Regional Nature Park

3580 Route de l’Izoard, 05350 Arvieux (0)4 92 46 88 20

The House of the Queyras Regional Nature Park is closed to the public.

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OTI du Guillestrois et du Queyras

Maison du Tourisme du Queyras, 05350 Château-Ville-Vieille (0)4 92 46 76 18


05 Voyageur: 04 92 502 505 Tourist Office of Queyras: 04 92 46 76 18

Access and parking

Follow the D60 to Ceillac. Continue on the D60. Park after the restaurant "L'étape gourmande" or the sign "vallée du mélezet" to the left.

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